We do provide API key on request, please do email us at to get your API key. When sending a request, do let us know your intended use of our API key.

API Version 1

IM.GE's API V1 allows to upload pictures.

API Call

Request Method

API V1 calls can be done using the POST or GET request methods but since GET request are limited by the maximum allowed length of an URL you should prefer the POST request method.

Request URL


  • key (required) The API key.
  • action What you want to do [values: upload].
  • source Either a image URL or a base64 encoded image string. You can also use FILES["source"] in your request.
  • format Sets the return format [values: json (default), redirect, txt].

Example Call

Note: Always use POST when uploading local files. URL encoding may alter the base64 source due to encoded characters or just by URL request length limit due to GET request.

API Response

API v1 responses display all the image uploaded information in JSON format.

JSON the response will have headers status codes to allow you to easily notice if the request was OK or not. It will also output the status properties.

Example Response (JSON)